Screencasts: Example 4

This is a very stupid and useless example. Its only goal is to demonstrate the CCFE look and user interaction.

This screencast uses a CCFE instance called "tins" which points to CCFE instance used in example 2.

Example 4 CCFE configuration screencast

  1. Show available shortcuts;
  2. Select from menu the form to load;
  3. From ask_user.form, request the list of available users and search for the one beginning with "ccfe";
  4. Load the usermod.form filling fields with current account parameters;
  5. Change the Comment field;
  6. Change Login shell field by selecting it from the list of available in the system;
  7. Change the account lock status;
  8. Does not confirm the command execution;
  9. Preview the command and confirm its execution.