Last stable version: 1.58 (September 4, 2016)

Plugins / modules:

config experimental CCFE configuration editor. README; Screenshots Full compatible from CCFE 1.57 RPM deb
sysmon 1.0 System resources usage monitors. README; Screenshot Sample plugin provided with CCFE package; the presence of same files installed by it require to force installation (for example, using dpkg -i --force-overwrite ...) RPM deb
fping 1.0 Minimal front-end to fping(8) command. Screenshot Requires CCFE ≥ 1.56 RPM deb
smit 1.51 Plugin to add to CCFE an instance with a screen layout similar to AIX's System Management Interface Tool (SMIT). After installed, run ccfe to have the standard CCFE screen layout or run smit to have a screen layout like AIX's SMIT. Screenshots Requires CCFE ≥ 1.51 RPM deb